Forget clean eating. That’s right, 2017 is the year of clean sleeping – committing to at least eight hours of quality sleep each night. You’ve got Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop team to thank for the insight. To achieve it, they recommend the use of heated socks, copper pillows and a fasting window of 12 hours…

Where we think they could be taking things a little too far, essentially, sleep should be your first priority, “even before you think about your diet”. But we knew that already (well not the bit about the copper pillows). Getting a good night’s kip is important – it has multiple benefits, such as improving your memory, making you more focused and lowering stress.

Before you drift off and engage in eight hours of quality dreamtime, make sure you fit the following things in.


Successful people set goals that they work hard to achieve – you should too. Grab your journal, think about what you’ve achieved today and jot down what you’d like to achieve tomorrow. By noting down the key things you want to do, you’ll also clear them from your mind. That means you won’t toss and turn through the night deliberating over what you want to achieve while you attempt to sleep.


Switch off your phone, put the TV remote to one side, look into your partner’s eyes and… talk. That’s right, your bed is the perfect place to cosy up and chat about how your days have been. Doing it without any distractions and giving yourselves some much-needed “us time”, away from the kids and the latest series of Game Of Thrones (you can binge-watch that at the weekend), will mean you can concentrate on one another.


Pick up a good book, snuggle under the covers and get lost in an alternative world. No matter whether you’re perusing someone’s autobiography or a crime novel, reading is good for you. Doing so for just six minutes can reduce stress levels by two-thirds, according to a study by consultancy Mindlab International at the University of Sussex. It can be more relaxing than listening to music or sipping a cup of tea, too. And what better way than to get in the right frame of mind before falling into a deep slumber?


Shoulders heavy and neck tight after a busy day at your desk? Combat work’s stresses with a massage. It’s an ideal way to help your body unwind and prepare you for a restful sleep. Ask your partner nicely and they’ll be sure to get the massage oils out. Allow them to ease out the knots in your back, loosen those shoulders and release the strains from your neck. And if you’ve been on your feet all day, make sure they don’t miss out on the action. Pure bliss.


Life can be a rollercoaster. It can be fast-paced and relentless, and you need to switch off from it now and again. Meditation is an excellent way to do that and it can also improve sleep quality, according to a study published in the journal Jama Internal Medicine.

There are lots of meditation techniques you can try – here is a simple one. Turn off all distractions and dim the lights. Lie comfortably on your bed and close your eyes. Breathe naturally and focus on how your body moves while you inhale and exhale. Clear your mind and relax. Don’t worry if your mind wanders, as over time your ability to concentrate will improve. You’ll be sure to see the benefits, both in your sleep and life in general.

Want to do those five things while feeling completely content? A comfortable bed will go a long way to making that happen. One brand is going the distance to help you achieve that sense of contentment with a mattress that’s tailored to your body. And to top it off, when you’ve finished your pre-bedtime activity, you’ll have a good night’s sleep too.

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