Finding Inner Peace – Ultimate Weapon Against Depression

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and is the most common mental illness that persists in modern times. The WHO estimates that 350 million people suffer from depression across the globe. With the epidemic taking over lives, organizations and charities are working towards helping people overcome the dark cloud over their heads. Everyone goes through the feeling of sadness, frustration and grief in their lives. However, when the feeling persists and begins to affect the quality of life, they may be suffering from a disability called depression.

Depression affects self-esteem, concentration, appetite, sleep and energy. It is clinically diagnosable by a medical practitioner and steps to regulate the symptoms can be taken. Today, we discuss the ultimate weapon against depression – finding and honing your inner peace. It is the ability to reach into your subconscious and coax it to relax. Here’s how you can do it too.

Finding harmony through the subconscious

Our subconscious script plays a large part in our lives. We can create a script of pessimism, optimism, success or failure. Our scripts are created based on past experiences. These scripts dominate our thoughts and actions. It affects the results and plays an important part in the way our life turns out. With a script of failure and sadness comes along depression. By rewriting mental scripts from negative to positive, many successful people were able to overcome poverty, depression and other overwhelming odds. Inner peace begins when you stop punishing yourself and begin rewriting the script of your life. Acts like self-flagellation, self-pity and negative attitudes are different ways we punish ourselves for our mistakes in the past. By saying ‘I will’ instead of ‘I can’t’, we refuse to accept fate for what it is and learn to overcome the negativity we find ourselves sinking in. [1]

Incorporate mind-body healing activities

Mind-body healing techniques are those activities that subdue effects of stress on the body. By healing the mind, you can begin healing the body as well. This type of healing has been part of the ancient practices of the East, though relatively modern in the West. People suffering from depression have seen tremendous results by incorporating mind-body movement and healing techniques. It has also been beneficial to people suffering from anxiety disorders, sleep difficulties, bipolar disorders, and so on. It is a skill used to hone inner peace and block the negativity looking to quell it. Some common mind-body healing activities include meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and breathing exercises. You can also use music that reduces anxiety in your practices. By recognizing our inner peace and using it as a guide in our lives, you can overcome the effects of depression and many other mental and physical ailments. [2]

Sleep for Inner Peace

Eight hours of sleep every night is not only beneficial but also necessary for the efficient functioning of the body. With sleep deprivation comes along increased stress, increased heart rate, irritability, an inability to concentrate, clumsiness, lack of productivity, weight gain and so on. By going through the sleep cycle stages, you gain the ability to properly process emotions, information and be the best version of yourself. It is a time where the body relaxes, and the brain begins the process of repair. There could be many reasons as to why you are sleep deprived but the most common one of them all is an unfavourable sleep environment. Sleep pillows and cozy bedroom rugs are integral in creating a comfortable environment that fosters better sleep. An uncomfortable mattress can cause insomnia therefore, you should consider purchasing a new mattress in case of back pains in the morning.

Find your crew

People need people and weakened social makes individuals susceptible to depression. It is important to recognize the unseen hand of others in society. People constantly affect the way we think, behave and act. It is important to recognize and appreciate those who fill us with positivity. It fills you with the sense of completeness and brings you inner peace. A big change in one’s social life like moving to a new city, unemployment, or loss of a close one can invite many physical and mental ailments. Social support is essential in helping one deal with transition, stress and grief. It is imperative in coping with life changes like pregnancy as well. In a study among heart-attack victims, those who cultivated a strong relationship with their pets were also seen to have one-fifth the death rate compared to those who are petless. Therefore, it is important to build a sense of connectedness and responsibilities by building bonds and communicating effectively with one another. [3]

Think before you act

Often stress is the biggest antidote to inner peace. Therefore, informed decisions when it comes to everything in life are extremely important. Often, brands are geared toward building customer satisfaction. By surrounding yourself with products that help you instead of adding to your stress, you can eliminate losing out peace of mind. For example, Dreamcloud return policy impresses upon hassle-free interactions with the brand. These brands remove the stress, anger and frustration that people are so used to while interacting with several brands. Therefore, it is important to make informed decisions about everything in your life, be it brands or relationships. It is also important to know that humans are flawed and making mistakes are common. However, making informed decisions can help through the clutter in our lives and reduce the stress we take for unnecessary things.

Inner peace comes with self-acceptance, acceptance of the world around us and letting go of the need to control everything. It comes with following your heart and listening to your instinct. It is helping your mind find clarity and rest when needed. It starts with understanding your identity and building up the person you want to be. You cannot find inner peace by looking for it outside. You find it within yourself. You have to rewire your brain, let go of all the negativity caused by our experiences and learn to believe in true, positive scripts.


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